Desktop Soldering Robot, COMET Series

The soldering robot is available in 4 work envelop sizes (200 mm ~ 500 mm work area)

The PC software is very simple and user friendly and allows for program customization.

Improvement of Speed and Accuracy

This new robot model improves functionality, the maximum speed has been increased to 900mm/sec. The portable weight is 15kg, and the tool portable weight is 7kg (on robots with 300 stroke size or more). The accuracy of movement has been  improved which allows for high precision soldering.

Optional support for Max 6-axes

The previous model had a 4-axes control maximum. The new model can control an additional 2 axes, therefore 6-axes control is achievable. Part rotation or direction change is possible and solder wire supply angle can be changed to meet your application requirement. The additional 2 axes control provides for external control of a conveyor, motor or rotary table. This allows for the automation of manual tasks and minimizes operator intervention in the process.

LAN (Ethernet) Port as Standard Equipment

An Ethernet connection can send / receive teaching data via a PC interface. This improves data management backup. Connecting the PLC allows operation control of the robot. Various communication methods can be selected.