Iron Tips

Designed to meet Lead free and Lead soldering requirements. A high precision themocouple is built in to the Apex of the iron tip, a minimal temperature drop can be quickly detected and recovered, temperature can reach 300° C within 6 seconds.

Various Types

Iron tips are available with varying heater types  and lengths. We have prepared  more than 100 different tip designs. You can choose the best suited tip for your application.  We also provide special order tip design to meet your application needs.

Iron Tip Replacement

8 seconds! There is no need to tools or waiting for the tip to cool for replacement. The iron tip always returns to the exact same position. Quick change cartridge type iron provides for consistent location and height adjustment with each tip change.


You can without the need for extra space, so the nozzle N2 has been integrated with the tip, apply a soldering iron to the target location.


Iron cartridges available depending on heater and total length.

TM 145mm length for AC100V
TS 101mm length for AC100V
DCM 145mm length for DC48V
DCS 101mm length for CD48V
DCN 101mm length for DC48V, sleeve with N2 supply

Soldering Tip Cartridge for Point

TM/DCM, DCMN cartridge

TS/DCS, DCN cartridge

Soldering Tip Cartridge for Slide

TM/DCM, DCMN cartridge

TS/DCS, DCN cartridges

Soldering Tip Cartridge for Heat Storage

TMB/DCMB cartridges

TSB/DCSB cartridges