Automatic Soldering Unit

Multiple power (AC90-264V) input for world wide factory use; easy transfer to overseas facilities. The Terra controller has been designed to be integrated with any external robot.

TERRA Solder Controller

The Terra has been designed exclusively for automatic soldering. 297 solder profiles can be customized to provide a solution for all types of soldering application challenges. The TERRA is equipped with a large color panel display which provides for easy reading and programming. Our 200 watt heater addresses the requirement to solder large thermal mass components and can feed a range of solder diameters between 0.04 mm to 1.6 mm. The Terra is normally configured with a robot to provide a highly functional system. Features include:

Touch Interface

Soldering and soldering parameters can be entered from any keypad. Because this touch screen like the following error also can check the status of the device intuitively. terra2 l 237x300 TERRA

Extensive soldering

Program to soldering (soldering) is 99 point type, slide 99 species, 297 species it is possible to store a total of 99 species of special solder.

Easy to connect a host device

Operation by touch alone, but also makes it easy to cooperate with IO signals robot and turntables. You can also easily synchronize multiple units also during operation. terra3 l 237x300 TERRA

Iron units, standard solder feeder feed

RSP soldering iron units for points or the RSL for the soldering iron sliding unit. Tube feeding solder wire and solder feeder to send, it also comes with one soldering iron, soldering all devices are aligned with one TERRA. ZSB Feeder 1 235 TERRA iron02 l 254x300 TERRA

Supports multiple power

The multi-power supply is built into TERRA, power is supplied to the control of the apparatus and a soldering iron can be used in areas without trans AC220V.

TERRA Controller Specifications

Power AC 90V ~ AC 264V
Solder type 0.4 ~ 0.5 MPa
Solder Conditions 0.4 ~ 2.0 mm Select 1 type 0.4 ~ 1.6 mm for ZSB Geyan
Setting Temperature 0 ~ 500°
Heater Capacity 200W
Solder Step 9 Steps
Wait Temperature 250°C (Adjustable)
External Start Box Optional
Controller Weight 3.8 kg
Feeder Unit Weight 0.8 kg
Iron Unit Weight 0.5 kg