Small Soldering Camera Monitor

The CS 2100 Micro Camera is used for teaching and process monitoring.

The micro camera can be easily attached to Apollo Seiko soldering robots. The function of the CCD camera is to be used for both teaching and process monitoring. Due to the miniature size, the camera can be easily integrated on all Apollo Seiko robots without obstructing soldering process. Several models are available.

CSS-2100 Specifications

Sensor 1/4 in color CCIQ II
Indication Pixels 316k pixel
Resolution 400TV Line
Picture Signal NTSC Video
Focus Distance (min) About 20 mm
Vision Area (min) About 5 mm (D) x 40 mm (W)
Focus Distance (max) About 100 mm
Vision Area (max) About 30 mm (D) x 40 mm (W)
Ambient Environment -10~45C, 85% no condensation
Voltage DC5 – 12V (AC 100-240V multi adaptor)
Power Consumption 50mA