COMET Controller:

The PC software is very simple and user friendly and allows for program customization.

The Comet controller can store 100 solder profile provides for flexible programming to meet the needs of a wide variety of soldering applications.

The robot’s 255 X-Y programs (30,000 points total), provides endless flexibility.

100 soldering conditions

100 profile capacity provides flexible programming to meet needs of wide variety of soldering applications

Solder feed / reverse amount is adjustable in 0.1 mm increments

Solder pre-heat / heat time is adjustable in 0.1 second increments

High speed soldering

Designed to minimize cycle time by using customized programs

Specialized programs achieves much shorter tact/cycle time

Excellent temperature controlling

Temperature controller raises iron temperature to 350° in approximately 10 seconds

Automatic temperature calibration function improves iron tip performance and stability

High precision thermocouple is built into the Apex of the iron tip so minimal temperature drop can be detected and recovered quickly

Temperature auto-tuning function

The auto-tuning function is built-in and takes 30 seconds to complete. The feature allows for easy tuning of tips that require different thermal settings. Improving iron tip performance and stability.

Easy teaching and customising

Dedicated software supplied as standard and easy to use even for beginners. Use the functions and variables, expressions, etc., you can create your own program.

Simple sequencer feature

The robot’s features and simple sequencer to operate independently has been built. In addition, you can also handle functions and variables, expressions, etc., you can create your own original software to set the date and working conditions.

Teaching pendant contains multiple languages

You can easily switch between languages and display Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and English.