SC+A Position Calibration System

This position calibration camera has been designed exclusively for use with Apollo Seiko soldering robots and can be installed on both the J-CAT and JS SCARA robots.

Compatible RobotsJ-CAT/ JS series (without GRT, SCD, DSV robots)
SensorColor CMOS sensor/ rolling shutter
Image ProcessingFPGA high-speed picture processing engine (Incorporating camera)
Effective PixelsHD1080: 1920x1080
Search Method7 kinds of pattern matching (with pre-processing filter)
Registered Model Number50 models (with retry functions)
Setting MethodUses image correction software supported on Windows 7 and above
Robot Coordinates CalibrationX, Y, R axes
AccessoriesCamera for position calibration, lens, ring lightning (white), mounting bracket, converter, PoE injector, LAN cable (3pcs), HDMI cable, LAN HUB (not including monitor, PC or PC cable for settings)