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Introducing Apollo Seiko Europe

We are Apollo Seiko Europe and together with our dedicated distributors in various European countries, we support our customers in their production process.

Apollo Seiko Europe provides tailormade automated soldersolutions, each uniquely designed for specific solder requirements for our unique customers. Our soldering robots are specialised in high speed precision soldering to the highest standards. Because of our international network and over 45 years experience we can share our knowledge, deliver quickly our robots, parts, spare parts en provide global back up for our customers.

This makes Apollo Seiko Europe the best automated soldering partner in innovation, robotic engineering and technical or innovative support.

Apollo Seiko Europe is worldwide preferred supplier for all major companies in the automative industry.

For more information on Apollo Seiko Europe and our automated soldering solutions and services, please or contact us directly or through one of our European distributors.

Apollo Seiko 50th anniversary

Apollo Seiko is pleased to announce that 2019 marks our 50th anniversary.

Our vision has always been to invent, build, and strive to modernize automated soldering methods that increased output and quality by providing a precise and repeatable process.

As we look to the future, we recognize innovative products have never simply been enough. Our success is highly attributed to our valuable customers and we are immensely grateful for the partnerships we have established over the past 50 years. One of the core values of the Apollo Seiko Global Family Network is to provide a professional technical service and friendly support unmatched by any of our competitors. We will continue to provide solutions and engineer products to meet our expectations as well as the high expectations of customers and industry. From automotive to biotechnology, we believe all electronics industries can benefit from automated soldering. We sincerely thank you for your continued loyalty, guidance and support in the future.