Est. 1969

Precision in Function


The J-CAT LYRA features the most contemporary advancements in base operational function, increased usability and durability. Primary innovations in technology include advanced temperature settings allowing temperature to be adjusted for each individual point. A new approach function allows for reduction in cycle time and makes programming / set-up much simpler. It also features an automatic sleep mode which significantly extends tip life. The J-CAT LYRA is prepared to meet your robotic soldering needs with unmatched quality.

We are Apollo Seiko Europe and together with our dedicated distributors in various European countries, we support our customers in their production process.

Apollo Seiko Europe provides tailormade automated soldersolutions, each uniquely designed for specific solder requirements for our unique customers. Our soldering robots are specialised in high speed precision soldering to the highest standards. Because of our international network and over 45 years experience we can share our knowledge, deliver quickly our robots, parts, spare parts en provide global back up for our customers.

The latest in selective flow technology...


This is Apollo Seiko’s new all-in-one selective flow system. It is the perfect solution for a high-mix, low-volume environment. The machine is capable of pre-fluxing and pre-heating. Maintenance has never been easier with a built-in solder feeder and automated nozzle cleaning system.

The machine’s advanced vision system calibrates any application shift prior to fluxing/ soldering. A nozzle position detection camera automatically detects shifts and slope movement during nozzle change.

Additional features include auto-temp adjustments, multi-lingual support, and much more!

*In-line capable options available in other models.