Automated Soldering Solutions

What makes Apollo Seiko iron-tip machines superior?

Advanced Iron Cartridge Technology

  • Just 8 seconds to exchange iron cartridge without tools.
  • The iron tip always returns to the exact same position after replacement.
  • Direct heating system conducts the heat quickly to the iron tip.
  • Select the most suitable tip profile from a wide variety of iron cartridges, including custom-shaped.
  • Built-in nitrogen nozzle iron cartridges are available.

Iron Unit Technology

Micro Adjust Unit

This feature allows for fast, easy adjustment of the solder wire supply position up / down & left / right.

Changeable Second Solder Feeding Position

The solder wire is fed under the iron tip to prolong tip plating life and prevent the flux from burning off too rapidly. Upon tip extension, the solder wire contacts the tip thus melting the solder directly onto the solder pad and transferring thermal energy very rapidly. The solder feeding position can be set by programming the Z axis to raise or lower the solder wire location to feed directly into the desired area of the solder joint. This allows the solder to spread evenly around the joint for optimal results.

Zero-Solder-Ball Roulette Cutting Blade

No.1 Selected Option

The ZSB was designed to prevent solder balls and flux spattering. It reduces product defects, inspection process and reworking time due to the lack of solder ball formation.

Low-voltage, Low-power Consumption, and Multi-power

Apollo Seiko’s soldering robots are designed with safe, low-voltage and eco-friendly low-power consumption. The multiple power input has been designed for world-wide factory use and easy transfer to overseas facilities.