Peripheral Machines

Solder fumes are detrimental to human health and that of some equipment. That’s why we recommend using fume extractors and offer several solutions for differing production and factory environments and ventilation systems.  Read More →

Peripheral Machines
J-CAT DSV Dispensing Robot
The J-CAT DSV is built to handle most dispensing applications, with a push button to allow the robot to move to an area for dispense material purging. Read More →

Peripheral Machines
J-CAT SCD Screw Tightening Robot
There are two types of drivers, a Servo and mechanical torque driver. The software of the robot can detect a jammed screw, loose screw and driver racing. Read More →

Peripheral Machines
JC-3 Series Cartesian Robot
The multi-functional Cartesian robot comes complete with an easy-to-use dedicated controller and robot unit with a rich selection of stroke lengths for each axis, plus convenient installation settings and easy program teaching via the interactive teaching pendant. Read More →

Peripheral Machines
J-CAT GRT Board Cutting Robot
This robot is capable of cutting glass epoxy or standard FR-4 PCB equal to or less than 1.6 mm thickness while monitoring the router bit sharpness. Read More →

Accessories, Peripheral Machines
Nitrogen Gas Generators
By creating a bubble around the soldering surface, nitrogen gas eliminates oxidation of the soldering tip and soldering surface, thus minimizing solder defects and  increasing tip life. Read More →

Peripheral Machines
RS003N 6-Axis Robot
This compact unit offers 6-axis high function performance to handle PCBs and components for soldering, component replacement and automating repetitive tasks.  Read More →