Why should I consider sleeve soldering?

Constant, Consistent Amount of Solder without any Spattering

Solder wire is cut to a programmed length before being melted in the ceramic sleeve. It then flows out, leaving nothing behind. This means precise control over solder used without the risk of solder clogs.

Few Consumable Parts, Few Repairs, Easy Maintenance

Using a ceramic sleeve eliminates worries around iron-tip plating oxidizing or eroding. In addition, wetting the solder in the sleeve does not affect the ceramic. This results in virtually no consumable costs due to the long life of the ceramic sleeve. The simply designed head allows quick and easy maintenance. Maintenance is simply sleeve cleaning as flux fumes do not come in contact with the mechanical feeding components.

No Flux Spattering or Solder Balls

Flux and solder wire do not spatter because the high-conductivity sleeve encapsulates the complete melting process.