Screw Tightening Desktop Robot

There are two types of drivers, a Servo and mechanical torque driver.

The software of the robot can detect a jammed screw, loose screw and driver idling.

TypeJ-CAT 320 SCDJ-Cat 330 SCDJ-CAT 340 SCD
Move Area
(mm; X, Y, Z)
200, 200, 50300, 320, 100400, 400, 150
(mm, WxDxH)
Portable Weight7kg15kg
Max Speed PTP
X, Y Axes
700 mm/sec900 mm/sec
Max Speed PTP
Z Axis
250 mm/sec400 mm/sec
Resolution +/- 0.01mm (per axis)
External I/OI/O-SYS: Input 16/ Output 16
Teaching MethodRemote Teaching (JOG) / Manual Data Input (MDI)
Output Torque0.03 ~ 5.55 Nm
Available ScrewM1.0 ~ M8.0 mm
Power SupplyAC90~250V (single phase)
AccessoriesOperating Manual (CD-ROM), Power Cable