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Parallel-link Soldering Robot

The M1-CAT300i is a high speed, multi-function soldering robot that adopts the technology of the Fanuc Genkotsu robot (fist dexterity). This is the world’s first soldering robot that operates with parallel-link technology. The high performance operation of six flexible axes make it possible to change the height, direction and angle of the iron tip. This lightweight and compact mechanical unit has been designed to fit into tight work spaces. Incorporating the optional iRVision image positioning system, the robot will be guided to the correct solder location every time.

Type M1-CAT300i
Operation Mode
Parallel link mechanism
Drive Method
Electric servo drive via AC servo motor
Controlled Axes
6 axes( J1 through J6)
Operation Range
(Max. Speed)
J1-J3 Diameter 280mm, Height 100mm
J4, J6
720°(1440°/sec.) 12.57rad (25.13rad/sec.)
J5 300°(1440°/sec.) 5.24rad (25.13rad/sec.)
Repeatibility ±0.02mm
Setting Temperature
Solder Feeding Speed
1.0~50.0 mm/sec
Solder Feeding Amount Resolution
0.1 mm
Solder Diameter
ZSB Feeder
φ0.4~φ1.0mm (Option: φ0.3mm, φ1.2mm, φ1.6mm)
Normal Feeder
Heater Capacity
100, 130, or 200 W (Depending on unit)
Nitrogen Generator
Options Available
Power Source
AC200V (single phase)