Alternative methods

Apollo Seiko is more than automated soldering. We offer a superior line of high-powered manual soldering stations and heat units capable of providing a solution for a variety of applications.

SSB Built-In Feeder Soldering

This non-contact radiation thermometer (minimum φ0.25mm) measures the temperature of the soldering point in real time.

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This soldering station consists of a temperature controller and ZSB rollers which helps prevent the solder from spattering. Choose pencil or pistol style units.

This manual soldering station is optimal for lead-free soldering, designed to prevent static electricity.
Manual Soldering, Alternative Methods
This high-powered soldering station provides 100 watts of soldering power. The extremely fast heat up & temperature recovery, along with the ability to integrate N2 gas directly, make it ideal for lead-free soldering.
Manual Soldering, Alternative Methods