Nitrogen Gas Generators

By creating a bubble around the soldering surface, the nitrogen gas eliminates oxidation of the soldering tip and soldering surface, thus minimizing solder defects and increasing tip life. Preheated before application, and applied directly to the soldering surface via a nozzle built directly into our soldering tips, it also increases wettability and cycle time, all while minimizing N2 gas usage.

We offer 2 styles of generator: the APN series and the larger KSM-M6R.

APN Series:

Our APN generators are designed for desktop robots and are available in 2 models: the APN-05, a small, permeable-membrane system generator which can be attached externally or built directly into it a robot; and the APN-12 PSA system generator, a high-performance model which can be used with multiple robots and has a compact design for improved portability.


This large, PSA system N2 gas generator has a color touch panel which controls the N2 concentration and displays the amount of fluid flow.

Air Supply (only dry&clean air)0.5~0.6MPa 0.65~0.7MPa
Nitrogen Gas Flow0.5 L/min1.2 NL/min
Nitrogen Gas Con99% (when gas flow at 0.5L/min)99.99%
Power SupplyAC 100~240V, less than 1.4WAC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (WxDxH)Approx 110x200x100 mmApprox 310x270x310 mm
WeightApprox 1.4kgApprox 18kg
Discharge Pressure- 0.5MPa
Noise Value- 55dB
AccessoriesPower adapter, I/O connector, air tube (2 types), air cock-

Type KSM-M6R
Nitrogen Gas Flow
Nitrogen Gas Con
Air Supply
0.75MPa (only dry, clean air)
Discharge Pressure
Power Supply
220V 60 Hz
Dimensions (WxDxH)
1260x420x1218 mm
Weight Approx 500kg
Noise Value

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